Don’t forget His Promises

I saw a simple but profound picture this morning. It read; “On days when the process doesn’t look like the final destination, don’t forget His promises”.

This fit perfectly to describe a particular situation I’m currently in, it doesn’t look anything like the destination.

It made me think back on God’s promises though, the beautiful pictures He said would come out of the entire process, and how much glory it will bring to His name. I was encouraged

Most times, when God gives us pictures of things to come, and all the beauty He is set to make out of our lives, He shows us just glimpses and not the entire process so that we look forward to it. The process may be rough and tough, but His promises still stand.

I remember Joseph and his dreams. God gave those dreams to him, but didn’t show him the entire process of getting to the fulfillment of those dreams. It was a tough ride, but God’s promises still came to pass.

I hope this encourages you to hold onto God’s promises today.

All my love,


The Counsel of His will

God does everything according to the counsel of His will, so as believers, in order to have 100% success in all things, we must always be looking to know what the will of God is concerning every matter.

How do you know what the will of God is?

You’d need to spend time with God daily to know Him better.

God is not separate from his will, right? Strive to find out what the will of God is, and walk in it. It does save you stress.

You have all my love


Find joy in the waiting..

Ever been in a place where you’ve had to wait on God for so long concerning a particular issue?

I have, countless times infact. Initially,the process is not easy, because you think that you should not have to wait so long for those kinds of things.

God, in His infinite wisdom knows what’s best for us,and when it’s best for us. He sees the big picture all the time.

Learn to find joy in the waiting. Make a deliberate effort to learn what it is God is trying to teach you,even in the waiting.

You’d be better for it.

All my love,


Faithful God….

Ever felt like God let you down. The situation you end up finding yourself in doesn’t seem anything like what God promised. It’s in fact,the exact opposite!

Are you mad at God? Angry?

Have you even been able to face him?

Well, story of my Life.

I don’t think I have mustered all the strength to write anything just yet. I still don’t know what to call the way I’m feeling..

I’d keep you posted.

His Love.♥️

God’s love can’t actually be compared with any other kind of love. It’s love beyond words. Most times we don’t even know how to receive that love,we just think about it too much,think about how we don’t deserve to be loved and all that trash we tell ourselves. Non of that really matters. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me. That’s what matters.
I want to be able to receive this love,and be able to show this love.
It’s so overwhelming. I’m so lost for words. I just have so much tears and a very grateful heart.
Thank you for your love Jesus.

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